Big Night, Better Morning.

Welcome to the home of Tibi Tonic. The one of a kind low-calorie restorative elixir that detoxes body and brain*.



Big Night, Better Morning.

Tibi Tonic is a low calorie restorative elixir that helps prevent the effects of a hangover. It detoxifies and refreshes body and brain so even if the details of last night are a bit… fuzzy, you’ll still wake up looking and feeling sharp*.

Our ambrosial infusion is a bit sweet and a tad tart, each batch crafted with the finest ingredients, amino acids and vitamins.

For best results drink one Tibi Tonic at the start of your evening and one right before you wrap up your night.

At Tibi Tonic we think you should be able to have it all day and have a Tibi Tonic and thank us in the morning.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose or prevent any disease.


The Science Behind the Tonic

The restorative remedy that lets you live to the fullest, day and night.


The Benefits

Not only do you not have to wait until you’re in a world of pain, research shows that true hangover prevention actually happens before and while you’re drinking – not the morning after*. 

Tibi Tonic, straight up or mixed with the poison of your choice will help your body detox and restore healthy energy levels*. You may just be mistaken for a morning person.

For a more detailed review on the benefits of Tibi Tonic please read the independent science dossier by Dr. David Clark Ph.D.* here

The Science

Our team of renowned scientists (and experienced revelers) examined how the body metabolizes alcohol and what’s needed to accelerate recovery. 

We won’t bore you with the drab details, but let’s just say, the way we process alcohol taxes our systems, depletes our energy, ruins our sleep and leaves us with that bone-aching, head-splitting, toxified feeling. You know the one. And we are passionately dedicated to never having that feeling again.

Tibi Tonic’s unique combination of ingredients ensure a much smoother morning*.

The Ingredients

No elixir would be complete without a few special ingredients in its brew. Each ingredient is powerful on its own, but together they form a more potent cocktail-ceutical effect.

Let’s call this a ménage a many. Tibi Tonic is a delicate balance of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs. The amino acid N-Acetyl L-Cystein supports and restores healthy energy levels and cleans your sytem. Glycine improves sleep quality. Milk thistle reduces liver toxicity. And a vitamin power pack regenerates cells*.

But enough about all that, let’s dance.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose or prevent any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Tibi Tonic?

For best results, simply have one Tibi Tonic with or before your first drink, and one Tibi Tonic at the end of your evening to wake up refreshed and
ready to go in the morning*.

How does Tibi Tonic actually work?

Tibi Tonic helps to break down the toxins associated with alcohol consumption and accelerates the production of the natural antioxidants in your body
which helps you to wake up sharp and fresh the next morning*.

How often can I use Tibi Tonic?

You can use Tibi Tonic on a daily basis, without any adverse effects.

Is Tibi Tonic an energy drink?

Tibi Tonic is aimed to help detoxify the body and revitalize you in a natural way. When using Tibi Tonic, one will certainly feel more
energized the next morning*.

Is Tibi Tonic safe?

Tibi Tonic is absolutely safe. All ingredients ensure that Tibi Tonic works with your bodies natural recovery processes*.

Does Tibi Tonic have any caffeine in it?

Tibi Tonic does not contain any caffeine.

Will Tibi Tonic keep me up at night once I go to sleep?

On the contrary, Tibi Tonic is designed to help you in having a good night sleep, without affecting daytime sleepiness*.

Are there any side effects from Tibi Tonic?

No, safety studies have shown no adverse effects relating to the ingredients in Tibi Tonic if consumed in excess of the recommended 2 servings*.

Will Tibi Tonic prevent me from getting tipsy?

Tibi Tonic DOES NOT PREVENT the effects associated with alcohol consumption. Tibi Tonic helps in reducing the symptoms associated with a
hangover*. You should never drink and drive.

Big Night, Better Morning.

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